Architecting Community and Collaboration Solutions

SDForum and SofTech had an event tonight at the Golden Gate Club, San Francisco: Architecting Community and Collaboration Solutions.


  • Eugene Eric Kim, Blue Oxen Associates (Moderator)
  • Sylvia L. Marino, Community Manager,
  • Zack Rosen, CivicSpace
  • Tony Christopher, Digital Places, Joint Planning and Development office, jointly managed by the FAA and NASA
  • Scott Wilder, Group Manager and, Intuit, Inc.

Some notes on things to consider when building online communities:

  • Ultimately, communities are about people. It’s not about the tools!
  • Provide the right tools.
  • Don’t dictate! Configurability of the tools gives people ownership!
  • Find the “naturals”, the “answer people” in your community. Elevate them by giving them more leadership.
  • Be accessible when users ask for help.
  • Allow for self-organization.
  • Reward the experts.

Some things to look for in a community manager:

  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Consistency
  • Has an investment in the community.
  • Is respected in the workforce.
  • Can listen to the voice of the customer.
  • Worries less about how much money the company will make off of the community.

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  1. Ron Lichty Says:

    Also coverage of the event on event producer Ron Lichty’s blog.

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