Why Plame matters

Excellent live coverage on C-SPAN today of A Special Joint Oversight Hearing on the National Security Consequences of Disclosing the Identity of a Covert Intelligence Officer by the Senate Democratic Policy Committee. Their website offers a full transcript of the hearing (PDF).

Interesting to listen to what these witnesses had to say (and it wasn’t pretty):

  • Larry Johnson, Former CIA Analyst
  • Colonel W. Patrick Lang (retired), Former Director, Defense Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Service
  • James Marcinkowski, Former CIA Case Officer
  • David MacMichael, Former Senior Estimates Officer, National Intelligence Council
  • Mel Goodman, Former Senior CIA Analyst

Wikipedia has more coverage of the Plame affair and Factcheck.org has a chronology of events titled The Wilson-Plame-Novak-Rove Blame Game.

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