Save the bears!

You know Michael Arrington loves startups. How else could you explain this outburst of poetry?

Just like a bear in the woods (I imagine) has to slow its activity in the Winter as food supplies dwindle, startups need to go into cash conservation mode to increase their chances of survival when the market slows. They need to be prepared for a hit in revenue, and they know they can’t necessarily go to the capital markets to get money to stay in business.

But to argue that a company should always cut costs to the bare minimum is the same thing as asking that bear to act like it’s Winter in the Spring, just because someday Winter is definitely going to happen. All you end up with is a dead bear.

Well, good luck to all. Especially the bears.

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  1. Josh Atkins Says:

    LOL. He can go _just a little_ over the top _sometimes_ (read: most of the time). Sometimes the extraneous TechCrunch posts get tedious.

    I.e. Why do I give a f*** about every single startup.

    You get two kinds of failure:

    1. Most startups are crap, and fail because of this.
    2. Some aren’t crap from a technical or innovation perspective, but have owners who don’t have the entrepreneurial drive to bring themselves to the forefront, and thus fail. That’s a shame. But your chances are that, no matter how good an app or service is from a technical or even usability point of view, if he the owners can’t run a business, they, er, shouldn’t be running a business.

    And then you get successes. They’re kinda like four-leafed clovers in a field of thousands of three-leafed ones.

    Sometimes, like during the Microsoft-Yahoo merger discussions, TechCrunch was a valuable asset. And no doubt Michael Arrington is hoping to God, or Tim BL, or DARPA, or whoever it is that runs the Internet, or the Web, these days, that there’ll be another dot-com bubble (and burst), that he can droan endlessly on about (kinda like how this comment droans endlessly on…).

    No, I didn’t mean this: <- <- That’s just fantasy.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like TechCrunch. Michael Arrington isn’t thick. He’s a smart guy, who writes a good blog. It just gets boring sometimes.

  2. Moira Says:

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    thanks Moira

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