Yahoo! Upcoming product feedback

So Yahoo! is asking Upcoming users for feedback. Here’s mine (the small portion that was free form):

There are ads on Upcoming, really? ;-)

If Upcoming could do private events, I believe it could replace Evite for many.

Automatic notifications (e.g. via SMS) for events that are becoming “hot” fast in my network. General measurement or visualization of “interestingness” for various events (kinda like Flickr does for photos).

For some events, it would be nice to have the option to have the event details be editable to other event attendees (with or without approval, not sure). The use case here is that I may have entered an event prior to the organizers, don’t have the time to keep it updated but trust that others will do so. Have experienced this many times. In fact, it sometimes keeps me from adding new events these days (the ones I don’t own).

Other than that, nice job! ;-)

We’ll see what happens.

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