Obama Berlin speech tag cloud

Thought I’d condense Obama’s speech in Berlin, Germany today into a tag cloud:

Wordle: Barack Obama Berlin Speech: 'A World That Stands As One'

I used Wordle, which does a really nice job at creating tag clouds.

5 Responses to “Obama Berlin speech tag cloud”

  1. Eugene Eric Kim Says:

    Clever, Tim. I love how “world” is the most frequently used word.

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  3. Frank Tentler Says:

    A lot of buzzwords…I listened to the speech and this word cloud is a wonderful aggregation. Smart idea!

  4. Tim Says:

    Thanks, all!

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    [...] 26, 2008 by David Price Building on Tim Bonnemann’s excellent Wordle, and Mark Szpakowski’s suggestion, here’s a first pass at mapping Barack Obama’s [...]

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