Interesting project by the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) Wiki Lab: WikiTrust, a project in studying author repuation and text trust on Wikipedia.

How is the trust computed?

The trust of text is computed in two steps:

  • First, we compute the reputation of each author by analyzing the author’s contributions. When an author makes a contribution that is preserved in subsequent edits, the author gains reputation. When an author makes a contribution that is undone or reverted quickly, the author loses reputation.
  • The trust value of a new word is proportional to the reputation of its author. When subsequent authors edit the page, words that are left unchanged gain trust: by leaving them there, the authors implicitly agree with them. Words closer to the edit gain more trust, as the author of the edit is likely to have paid more attention to them. In contrast, text that has been rearranged (new text, text at the border of cut-and-paste, etc) has again a reputation proportional to the author of the edit.

See a demo or learn more on their blog.

Via ReadWriteWeb: WikiTrust Evaluates Wikipedia Text by Author Reputation

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