Facebook's impressive growth in Germany

According to this piece by Jeff Pulver, Facebook in Germany grew 30+ percent in just the past two (2) weeks: Facebook: Experiencing Viral, Rapid Growth outside of North America

That’s a lot of new members year-over-year.

At this rate, it’s not unlikely they’ll out-grow everybody else, namely StudiVZ and Xing. And keep in mind they haven’t even localized yet.

2 Responses to “Facebook's impressive growth in Germany”

  1. Ron Lubensky Says:

    Interesting that it should be Jeff who writes this. For along time he tried to promote standards based VoIP (eg FreeWorldDialup), but has been swamped by the proprietary Skype. Now he’s into personal video publishing and using Facebook as his propagation medium. And still talking up VoIP.

  2. Tim Says:

    I was just referring to him for the handy comparison chart (I admit I didn’t bother verifying the Facebook stats he quotes). Provided the numbers are in fact true, the growth curve is impressive.