Wiki meets Facebook.

First up, the Wiki Project:

theWikiProject is a place for you, your friends, and your groups to write Web pages together. Using the same software that powers Wikipedia, you can share pages with just a few folks, inside Facebook, or with the whole world at!

Another cool feature is a wiki-style Wall, since you can put your own page inside your Facebook profile, and any and all of your friends can edit it.

This is EXPERIMENTAL software by a couple of developers who wanted to use MediaWiki inside of Facebook. We CANNOT GUARANTEE YOUR PRIVACY nor the RELIABILITY OF OUR STORAGE. Yes, it’s on’s servers and we make hourly backups, but this is just a very small project at the moment…

… but if you pitch in and join theWikiProject, we think it could be a whole lot bigger!

Read how the makers of the Wiki Project explain “Why a wiki?

Secondly, Wetpaint launched the beta version of its Wiki Whiteboard app on Monday:

Wiki Whiteboard by Wetpaint makes it simple to work together with friends and groups inside Facebook. Adding content, images, videos, and dozens of other widgets is as easy as clicking and typing.

Who knows, there may already be more wiki apps on Facebook than just these two…

4 Responses to “Wikibook”

  1. Marshall Kirkpatrick Says:

    These sound like some of the most useful wikis and FB apps I’ve heard of in a while. Hadn’t seen previous blog coverage of them so thanks for the roundup. Hope life’s treating you well btw!

  2. Tim Says:

    Thanks! All is well here.

  3. Rohit Khare Says:

    Thanks for the kind words… theWikiProject really is a humble tool for our own use, and perhaps even overkill with the use of the MediaWiki backend. For now, it’s practically _anti_-viral, since there isn’t even an invite link on our pages, but we’re inspired by the feedback…

  4. Raphael Geronimi Says:

    Wikimono also offers straightforward wikis for Facebook.

    It has been designed to be very easy to use (my grandmother could use it): no overcrowded sidebar of misleading feature links.

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