Playing with Listphile: “A good citizen is…”

Listphile just came out and seems very nicely done at first glance:

Listphile is a free website that enables anyone to create collaborative lists, atlases, databases and more. Lists can be broad and ambitious (like a List of All Baseball Players Who Played in the Majors) or niche (Punk Bands from the Lower East Side, 1975-1980), or quirky or ridiculous. You can collaborate with other people to share, create, and make something that will benefit humanity.

I set up a little civics-related crowdsourcing experiment: A good citizen is…

Will be interesting to watch what kind of statements people suggest.

Via Techcrunch: Listphile: Lists On Speed

2 Responses to “Playing with Listphile: “A good citizen is…””

  1. Tobias E. Lampe Says:

    some similarities with woobby, which emphasizes the ranking aspect a bit more clearly

  2. Tim Says:

    Thanks, I’ll have a look.

    (Btw, I edited the link to woobby so the URL works in Wordpress.)

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