Actual follow-up email from a friend with regard to involuntary Quechup spam invite

A few days ago, I received an invite to Quechup from a friend (not that I would have signed up).

Yesterday, he sent this follow-up:

Subject: Sorry about Quechup

Hello all,

You probably got an e-mail from me recently asking you
to join Quechup, a social networking site. Sorry
about that! Please ignore it. I clicked on something
from a tech-savvy friend, thinking it was safe. It
wasn’t and it did bad, bad things with my address
book. Quechup is the devil.

Again, sorry!


‘Nuff said.

This “problem” has been around for how many days now? Further proof that this is intentional behavior on Quechup’s part. Otherwise, they would have fixed it by now.

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