Social Network Portability

Tantek mentions he’s been sitting down with a few folks for “a vigorous brainstorming and discussion session on social network portability.” Some of the outcome can be found on the microformats (where else) wiki: Social Network Portability

For anyone interested in helping solve this important piece of the social networking puzzle, there’s SocialNetworkDevCamp coming up September 8/9 in Richmond, CA:

SocialNetworkDevCamp will focus on API and Widget development from Facebook, Twitter, Pownce, Linked In and others. The camp will also start the process of identifying open APIs and data structures which would facilitate the creation of open standards for social networking.

Inspired by the success of the iPhoneDevCamp, we would like to post a list of application ideas that we can actually implement at the event, or at least get the ball rolling. To that end, please review the list of ideas, post your own, sign up for a project, or if you are a non-coder, add use cases, design ideas, comments, etc. PLEASE do attend if you are not a coder, as we will need testers, usability ideas, design creativity, documentation, etc. All are needed!

Seems like things are still in the process of being organized, so Data Sharing Summit and SocialNetworkDevCamp may well be one and the same (at least the date, topic, and location seem to somewhat match).

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