Interesting idea: HonorTags.

What the HonorTags Stand For

HonorTags are self-identification by bloggers, PR folks, enthusiasts and several other categories of writers, podcasters, and other content creators.

This is a bottom-up, voluntary system. We think it has the potential to help readers and creators alike.

The readers get the author’s intentions up front. This is not meant to be a gauge of quality, political positioning (it’s totally nonpartisan) or whether the postings are G-rated or pornographic.

What’s in it for the creators? They get increased control over how they’re identified. They can enhance credibility and trust. It could also help them affiliate with others into networks. And, just maybe, this could enhance legal protection as a journalist.

What’s in it for the reader? A helpful tool, or the beginnings of one, to find relevant and/or trustworthy stuff online.

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