List of collaborative translation tools

I’m quite fascinated by the opportunities or large-group collaboration.

I recently thought about how crowdsourcing could best be applied to the translation process, and came across the following projects or services (may not all be active anymore, but listed here nonetheless):

  • Babels — Babels is an international network of volunteer interpreters and translators whose main objective is to cover the interpreting needs of the Social Forums.
  • Cucumis — Free online translation service
    Cucumis is a community of translators who share their linguistic knowledge and help each other online.
  • DotSUB — Any film in any language.
  • nativetext — nativetext is a free web service that translates RSS feeds from blogs and podcasts into foreign languages. (site defunct, archived version available on
  • Speakeasy — Speakeasy is an integrated internet and telephone service that connects new immigrants with a network of multilingual volunteers who answer questions, give advice, and provide language interpretation over the phone. Speakeasy’s novel approach to community networking leverages the ubiquity of cell phones to create a model of “just in time” civic engagement, enabling volunteers to remain “on-call” to their community wherever they might be.
  • Traduwiki — Anybody is a translator
    Traduwiki’s mission is to use the power of ‘we’ to translate the most interesting documents. Explore the thousands of docs already uploaded, contribute two phrases at a time and let’s spread the best stuff.
  • Worldwide Lexicon Project — Translating The Web To And From Any Human Language
    The Worldwide Lexicon is an experimental project to make translating websites, blogs and real-time IM conversations easy and accurate, using a combination of human and machine translation. The project was created several years ago by Brian McConnell, a telecommunications entrepreneur and inventor.

Anything else out there that should be mentioned? Feel free to leave a comment.

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  3. Ruslan Grokhovetskiy Says:

    Please take a look to another collaborative translation tool:

    People help each other translate interesting foreign language texts into their native language. It’s mostly blog posts, magazine articles, short stories and another materials licensed for free redistribution.

  4. Youcef BEY Says:

    There are also “BEYTrans” environment. It is based on the Wiki technology and allows either volunteer or professional translators making translation in fashion wiki way.

    The URL is here :

    It includes translation memories, linguistic resources construction, proactive suggestions, machine translation and post-edition functions!

  5. Tim Says:

    Thanks for the additional resources!

  6. kent Says:

    I can think of several more, including,, and kudoz by

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