Two years in the States

It’s been two years ago today since coming to America.

To celebrate, I wanted to share yesterday’s favorite Twitter (from atariboy):

overheard.. girl #1 about a boy: “I was like, i love you” girl #2 “like totally”

Yep, that’s California for you.

Anyway, still excited to be here as I head into my third year. And yes, there’s a growing urge to finally start something. You know, web stuff.

4 Responses to “Two years in the States”

  1. Eugene Eric Kim Says:

    Like, congratulations! Hope you have a thrilling year three!

  2. Tim Says:

    Thanks, Eugene!

  3. Cem Says:

    Tim, great to know you in the right place!

  4. Tim Says:

    Thanks, Cem! I’m trying to make good use of the opportunity. Btw, nice photo.

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