C2D2 2007, November 12-14

Another one I’d really like to go to:

Facing Complex Issues Together

We live in complex times and face complex issues. Balancing the demands of social needs, economic stability with environmental sustainability is just one example of our multifaceted challenges and responsibilities. Responding wisely requires constructive and innovative approaches. We need better ways of talking and working together.

Join us in Vancouver, for the second conference sponsored by the Canadian Community for Dialogue and Deliberation as we focus on the constructive role that dialogue and deliberation can play in meeting today’s challenges. Dialogue offers some constructive and hopeful ways to relate to one another while deliberation influences how we make decisions. D & D encompasses the tools we need to:

  • Create conditions for collaborative action on the global and local issues of our times
  • Facilitate better informed, balanced actions and decisions
  • Transform conflicted relationships and increase understanding
  • Encourage people to deepen their understanding, create shared meaning, look for common ground, encourage information-sharing, deepen their awareness of values and help set good direction
  • Develop collective insight and intelligence
  • Provide opportunities for stakeholder and public input to influence decisions affecting our future
  • Provide decision makers with the benefit of the understanding and insights of key stakeholders and the public
  • Encourage citizens to be actively involved in their communities

All sectors of human activity — public, private, business, community, non-profit, academia — benefit by learning to use processes that engage ideas and people more effectively.

We shall see how the year goes and if I get to go to Vacouver (which, by the way, has been on my list for quite some time now).

More info at the C2D2 website.

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