Lack of confidence

One challenge Germany seems to be facing today is an overall lack of confidence (and vision, direction and leadership, for that matter). While the no-confidence vote by the German Parliament on Friday - brought about by German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder - may clear the way for a possible early general election in September, the question - to me - remains whether or not this will have any positive impact.

To say it in the words of the project world, here’s a list of shortcomings that may explain why the German government is doing so poorly:

  • Vage requirements
  • Poor specification
  • Stakeholder conflicts
  • Failure to plan
  • Poor cost and schedule estimation
  • Poor controlling
  • Poor change management
  • Inappropriate staff (skills that do not match the job)
  • Failure to manage user expectations

Instead of simply holding yet another vote, we should go back first and develop the options we want to vote on. Maybe this is a good time we had a debate about where we want to be headed as a country, and what our goals and our priorities should be. Simply put, we need to answer the question of where we want to go and how we best think we can get there.

It will be interesting to watch if any of the political parties decide to participate in that discussion. So far, all I can see is of very little substance.

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