Palm Treo 680 + Mac + T-Mobile = Not working yet

Seriously, how frickin’ hard can it possibly be to get dial-up networking going on your smartphone? Smartphone says it can do DUN, Mac says it can do DUN, and for all I know lots of people are already using T-Mobile for DUN.

Took me hours to finally get the Treo/Mac bluetooth pairing to work (delete pairs, reset Treo, reboot Mac, pair the two again, bla, bla). And it’s still not working (now apparently the GPRS CID string I’m using is wrong). WTF?

Of course, little to nothing is documented. Or if it is, you have to dig through some obscure forums on the web where most of the time they either talk about a different phone or an older version of the Treo, or a different phone service provider.

Most annoying thing by far ever since I got my Mac almost two years ago. I had almost gotten used to plug and play.

Anyway, if you’re using T-Mobile unlimited internet on an unlocked Treo 680 and you’ve managed to get DUN working from your Mac, please clue me in. I buy you a beer in Austin.

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  1. Don Says:

    I’m thinking about getting a Treo 680 for use w/T-Mobile. Noticed your entry; wondering if you’ve got it working as of yet and if so, what advice you might offer.


  2. Tim Says:

    Will look into it next week. I’ll post it here.

  3. Tony Hillson Says:

    Having same issue. Biggest problem I’ve got is everytime I try to configure the Bluetooth services it says ‘no supported services’ found on device. I can’t even seem to add a virtual serial port on the device… anyone got any clues? thx

  4. lyria Says:

    Thank goodness!!! I am in the same boat….have been searching the internet for a fix…also been in contact with tmobile and palm….both are pointing to each other….tmobile sent me an email which i can forward on with step by step directions but it didn’t work for me b/c my phone used to be cingular….have you had any luck? would you like me to email what tmobile sent me? talked to palm as well….they claim that tmobile doesn’t have the script for dun….i’ve been going in circles! let me know if you find anything….thanks!

  5. Marcus Says:

    try this site:

    I used to use my 650 to access internet over BT on my core2 macbook. It worked pretty well for me. The trick was- you have to pair your phone & computer with DUN turned off, then go back into your phone and turn DUN on, and re-pair the devices. Next, you have to setup a virtual modem on the comp- i did this with sprint. I don’t really recall the details, but the link above should be helpful. You can also find help (that i originally used to do this) by googling “internet over the air”, i think.

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