Web2Open: San Francisco, April 17/18

Tara just announced that the Web2Open wiki is now up.

What is the Web2Open?

The Web2Open is a part of the Web 2.0 Expo, open to anyone who would like to attend. We do ask that you have a badge, but you may register for a free Expo Only badge using the code at the bottom of this page.

The Web 2.Open was conceived with FooCamp/BarCamp in mind. This open event blends some pre-scheduled content with an open grid where the attendees fill in the sessions they either want to discuss or present themselves. It is the perfect space to provide the community at large with a place to connect with other attendees, learn more about elements of Web 2.0, and share one’s knowledge and experiences.

An unconference hybrid, if you will (and free of charge).

On Monday, April 16, it’s Web Monday Silicon Valley (Upcoming) once again, and it just so happens that we will also be in San Francisco this time around.

Anyone flying in from Germany (other than Nicole)? Let’s meet.

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