Jimmy Wales: Three principles for building the Wikipedia community

At last week’s Social Media Club meeting in San Francisco, Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia shared some of the guiding principles used for building the Wikipedia community:

  1. “Assume good faith!”
  2. Intentional vulnerability
  3. Accountability rather than gatekeeping

He says these principles also apply to a wide range of internet or social media projects.

You can listen to his 6-minute speech here (starts at around 20′55).

More on AssumeGoodFaith on the Meatball wiki.

One Response to “Jimmy Wales: Three principles for building the Wikipedia community”

  1. Chris Heuer Says:

    Thanks for pulling this out - got the first bit of the media up - more to follow as well as a post. I thought these insights were perfect - just the sort of thing I was hoping to hear from Jimmy. I should add that he put his remarks together on the fly, in response to a 2 minute conversation we had right before we started that night.