More Sunday hard rock

Another Sunday, another opportunity to discover a great piece of music (if only via CD, and not live in some concert hall some place):

Anton Bruckner’s Symphony No. 7, in a recording from 1989 with Herbert von Karajan conducting the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

His Seventh symphony was the most beloved of Bruckner’s symphonies with audiences of the time, and is still popular. It was written 1881-1883 and revised in 1885. During the time that Bruckner began work on this Symphony, he was aware that Wagner’s death was imminent, and so the Adagio is slow mournful music for Wagner, and for the first time in Bruckner’s oeuvre, the Wagner tuba is included in the orchestra.

Ah, the living room doesn’t quite do it justice (my stereo sound system whatever is fairly low-tech).

2 Responses to “More Sunday hard rock”

  1. Ute Says:

    Bruckner: One of my favorite composers…i prefer “symphonie no 4″

    greetz from berlin - ute

  2. mcastel Says:

    Karajan is one of the best conductor for Bruckner, IMHO. In particular, his fourth and seventh are really wonderful…..

    Marco from Rome - Italy

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