Startup ingredients 2007

Three good articles this morning:


So, if you’re just now starting up, don’t get blinded by the successes of the first people to realize a platform could be built and operated on the cheap. You already missed that wave. Now, unless you are extraordinarily lucky or well-connected, you aren’t going to succeed in publicizing your new service and getting up to a critical mass of content or subscribers or both unless you raise or have enough money to create initial awareness or value. There is too much clutter from which you must emerge.


The thing startups have to spend capital on is this: time. Nuance and pitch-perfect user experience are going to sort winners from losers. That takes time, community engagement, trial and error, a team.


Tom may be onto something. In a noisy market, it gets harder to stand out.

But the real issue is the lemming-like clustering of products. Who needs another clipping tool? Another “I like this product” list manager? Another social bookmarking solution? Another web-based multi-headed instant messaging proxy? Another start page app?

There is so much empty space out there. Where are the CRM tools? Where are the financial apps? Why do all the inventors cluster so tightly?

I am hoping for a migration out into the white space, where no apps are. That will lead to less noise, for sure.

This is what I like most about the blogosphere: there is so much free consulting for your startup out there — you just need to listen carefully!

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