Mission accomplished

Another day, another milestone: former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein has been executed.

Though things may have seemed a tad bit rushed towards the end (at least to the untrained European eye), this proves Iraq now has a justice system that can, well, execute people. No better way to kick-start the process of national healing!

It’s all good, though. I’m convinced this was what’s been needed all along to really turn things around, and the rest will simply fall into place now. It just gotta. I’m sure the warring factions would agree.

President Bush seems to think along the same lines:

Today, Saddam Hussein was executed after receiving a fair trial — the kind of justice he denied the victims of his brutal regime.

Fair trials were unimaginable under Saddam Hussein’s tyrannical rule. It is a testament to the Iraqi people’s resolve to move forward after decades of oppression that, despite his terrible crimes against his own people, Saddam Hussein received a fair trial. This would not have been possible without the Iraqi people’s determination to create a society governed by the rule of law.

Saddam Hussein’s execution comes at the end of a difficult year for the Iraqi people and for our troops. Bringing Saddam Hussein to justice will not end the violence in Iraq, but it is an important milestone on Iraq’s course to becoming a democracy that can govern, sustain, and defend itself, and be an ally in the War on Terror.

Like I say, mission accomplished!

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