Biothursday Munich to launch January 18, 2007

Another ad hoc event is forming in Germany: Biothursday

Biothursday is a non-commercial, self-organized and public meeting for people who are interested in bio sciences (life sciences) — be it for professional, academic or private reasons — and who would like to share presentations on current research and developments in this sector.

Biothursday takes place every one or two months on a Thursday night at a neutral location in an informal atmosphere — currently still exclusively in Munich. Other cities are invited to put on events, too. The platform is open to anyone who’s interested.

Suggested topics for the inaugural Janary 18, 2007 event include:

  • Paul König: Mouse tatoos
  • Bianca Künnecke: BioTech patent law
  • Martin Szugat: Life sciences & web 2.0

The event is organized by Martin Szugat, a frequent attendee and contributor to Web Monday Munich.

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