Web Monday Ruhr Valley, December 11

Web Monday Ruhr Valley will launch this coming Monday, December 11 at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) in Bochum.

About 5+ million people live in this part of Germany, who up until now didn’t have access to a Web Monday close-by. Can you imagine? Anyway, I’m very happy to see that this white spot on the map is finally being filled.

Apparently, 50+ people have signed up (some of whom aren’t on the wiki yet). The three brief (10 minute) talks will circle around social networks, community frameworks and web 2.0 — oh, an there’s drinks and pretzels, too!

In case you’re wondering, here’s a little more information about the region in the heart of Germany: Ruhr Valley. And for those of you who read German: here’s the lyrics to a classic German pop song from ‘84 that is about, well, Bochum (or check out the English translation).

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