I’m spending the day at the Citizen Summit at Citizen Space (Citizen Agency’s new office — nice place). As somewhat of an unexpected treat, Dave McLure did a round of Half-baked.com.

HalfBaked.com is entrepreneurial improv theatre that he co-invented: Foo Camp 2006, HalfBaked, & the Art of Geekery.

How it works:

As a group, collect 50 words. Break up in groups of five. Choose two words and announce your company name (word1word2.com). Come up with a business plan (name, concept/product, revenue model, marketing plan, logo, tagline). Pitch to experts and VCs. Have your startup judged and voted on by the group. All in under 30 minutes. Celebrate the insanity!

Can you do something very quickly in short format? It’s all about speed!

This was first done at Foo Camp 2006. The winner then? Bottlecap Porn.

The winner today? Donut Divorve. Divorces are usually very time-consuming, costly and not a lot of fun. Donut Divorce wants you to be able to get a divorce in the time it takes to buy a donut. It’s an online service. Both parties can invite all their friends and family to help duke out the details of the split. Donut Divorce makes money by taking 10 percent of any settlement that’s reached, which — in part — will be redistributed amont the contributors. Of course, there’s point rewards and reputation systems and lots of web 2.0 bells an whistles.


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