Web Monday 2007 — Take the poll!

For everyone who has attended any of the more than 50 Web Monday meetups over the past twelve months, I would like to invite you to take part in a little survey that I just set up.

It’s absolutely low-tech, simply email me your answers to the following questions:

  • The meaning of life — Who are you and what brings you to Web Monday?
  • Pretty good stuff — What do you like most so far?
  • Not so hot — What do you see needs the most improvement?
  • Eureka! — What did you learn?
  • This way, please! — Your suggestions and ideas going into 2007!

The poll will be active through November 21, 2006. The results will be published shortly thereafter on the Web Monday wiki.

Thank you all very much!

One Response to “Web Monday 2007 — Take the poll!”

  1. //dopefreshtightblog Says:

    Ein Jahr Webmontag

    Gestern, am 07. November feierte der Webmontag seinen ersten Geburtstag. Grund genug zurückzublicken und an einer kleinen Umfrage teilzunehmen, die das Treffen für „AnwenderInnen, EntwicklerInnen, GründerInnen, UnternehmerInnen“ noch…

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