Something cool from Berlin

Whenever I hear the words “Germany” and “cool” in the same sentence, the patriot in me gets all warm and fuzzy (there, I said it).

Om asks: Is than an iPod Shuffle or an IP-PBX?

This has to take the honors in the coolest device sweepstakes. Berlin-based 4S newcom GmbH has created iBlue, a tiny IP-PBX1, that comes on an Apple iPod Shuffle.

Apparently, Berlin, Germany-based 4S newcom knows how to make a pretty device: iBlue®: 4S newcom turns the Mac mini® into the world’s slickest IP PBX

Btw, PBX:

A Private Branch eXchange (also called PBX, Private Business eXchange or PABX for Private Automatic Branch eXchange) is a telephone exchange that is owned by a private business, as opposed to one owned by a common carrier or by a telephone company.

Aha, good to know. Someone should sign these guys up for Web Monday Berlin (maybe not because what they do is web 2.0 per se but rather because I would imagine they can share a thing or two about creativity, technology and design and, well, how to make a cool product!).

5 Responses to “Something cool from Berlin”

  1. Harry Behrens Says:

    Thanks for the flowers, as they say in Germany. Apple HQ in Cupertino wants one too…no joke


  2. Harry Behrens Says:

    4S newcom
    - we need jobs
    an East German Company

  3. Tim Says:

    You mean you are hiring?

  4. Harry Behrens Says:

    Yes: jobs ;-)

  5. Harry Behrens Says:

    More at
    we will start launching an iblue4S (the new name) website on Nov. 6th

    greetings from sunny berlin!

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