Plazes SMS Alpha

Over lunch today, Stefan showed me the new Plazes SMS service (to be released in alpha over the coming days):

Me: planspark password

+4912388888888: Where is ‘planspark password’?
Send: city
Or send: on address in city

Me: At cenacolo in berlin

+4912388888888: Nothing found. Send plaze name or ‘on address in city’

Me: Cenacolo

+4912388888888: You’ve been plazed at Cenacolo, Berlin.

+4912388888888: Your contact stefan is at Cenacolo (there).
In the future to see where your contacts are, send ‘contacts?’
To add people to your list of contacts, send ‘invite name number’ or forward vcard (business card).

+4912388888888: Visit and login with tim_4 and password to:
change user name
set privacy
edit list of contacts

+4912388888888: stefan has invited you to Plazes! stefan is currently at Cenacolo on Sredzkistr. 23, where are you? Reply to this number: Plaze yourself: ‘at plazename’ ‘on street’ ‘in city’ or any combination of the above or send: ‘leave’

More on this feature: Alpha testers wanted

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