Rojo relaunch

I’m not a UI guy nor have I ever relaunched a web app. But I noticed a few things about the recent Rojo relaunch that I find could have been done a whole lot better:

  • I’m missing some features I really liked (browse by most-read)
  • Some URLs (bookmarks) don’t seem to be working anymore
  • Navigation has changed significantly
  • Mark as read behaves differently now than it used to (items marked as read still show up)
  • Most of all, I wasn’t aware of any of these changes beforehand (presumably because nobody at Rojo had told me), and even now — a few days into the relaunch — I can find no information on the site whatsoever that would explain the whats and the hows and the whys (presumably because there simply is none or it’s too hard to find).

There’s still a slight chance that underneath all the surprise changes there lies this awesome web-based RSS reader.

Or maybe it’s just that time of year again to switch.

3 Responses to “Rojo relaunch”

  1. Lars Plougmann Says:

    The new Rojo is the end of Rojo for me. Rojo never performed flawlessly but there was enough good things about the way it worked to stick with it and endure the minor annoyances. But with the recent changeover, new irritants were introduced to the point of making it painful to use. I have exported my opml; it is time to switch (I am going to give NetNewsWire a try).

  2. Tim Says:

    Funny, that’s what I’m in the process of switching to. At least it’s a good opportunity to clean up my OPML.

  3. Chris Alden Says:

    Thanks for the post. We are working on these and other issues. An explanation of the changes is here:

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