The comments of crowds

Jeremy Keith is experimenting with comments: The comments of crowds

… Traditionally, comments are visible, thereby influencing future comments. That’s good if you’re trying to stoke a conversation, but lousy for getting some honest feedback.

So here’s what Im going to do:

I will occasionally open up some posts for comments. You will be presented with the usual form: name, email, url, etc. I would greatly appreciate getting your opinion. However, your comment will not be published immediately.

Comments will remain open for a set period of time; sometimes a week, sometimes a month. At the end of this time, all the comments will be published at once. At this point, it will no longer be possible to add a comment.

Nice blog, see for example this post: Backlash 2.0

Wintertime — and the coding ain’t easy. Sharks are jumping and the bubble is high.

Web 2.0 isn’t a cluster of technologies, it’s a way of thinking about data, design and user experience.


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