Kevin Rose — The digg story: from one idea to nine million page views

Some insights from Digg’s Kevin Rose that I though were interesting:

  • Starting with a “basic” (i.e. really crappy) design can actually give you more street cred (”they didn’t even try”)
  • Start extremely grassroots. Hit a core audience of users who want to make the site a better place (even today, Digg still has 20-30 features that haven’t been rolled out yet, because they want their user base to be able to understand the way the platform is going)
  • Digg never spent any money on advertising. So far, simply WOM by people using the site.
  • It’s important to learn what the users are doing and why. Make it more interesting for users and provide new ways for discovery.
  • Give your developers some extra (free) time to just play with things and develop stuff they think is cool (see Google’s 20 percent time)

Overheard at The Future of Web Apps Summit, San Francisco, CA, September 13, 2006 (wiki).

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