Add that to the list of German web 2.0 startups

To answer last week’s question, here’s another example of a German web 2.0 startup that just hatched: Fleavent is now officially a company.

my company is building a kick ass events community. there’s nothing out there that satisfys my needs, and so much potential in what could be done. that’s it.

i’ve raised the initial funding, and am looking for a rails developer to come on board asap. contact me at if you’re interested in finding out more. you’ll be working with interesting technologies, and creating cool stuff with a focus on usability and good design.

Congratulations to Rany for making the bold move of going entrepreneur. Some of you may have heard of his project on this blog or were able to attend the first Web Monday Frankfurt, where he presented some of his ideas.

The list has already been updated to reflect the change.

Good luck!

One Response to “Add that to the list of German web 2.0 startups”

  1. rany Says:

    hey tim,
    thanks for the support :). i’m quite excited to be starting up properly, expect to see some great stuff coming your way in the coming months.