Girls, Barcamp Berlin is for you (too)!

First, the good news: a lot of people are signing up for Barcamp Berlin.

The not-so-good news: It’s mostly guys.

Why is that not perfect? Because from my experience, while an all-male event can be fun, too, it is much better to have a healthy mix of boys and girls. DCamp and WineCamp would not have been possible without the many female contributions.

So if you’re a guy (simply check if your name is, for instance, Stefan, Hubert or Martin) and you’re signed up for Barcamp Berlin, please spread the word, and ask your friend or colleague if she would like to come along.

And girls, don’t be afraid to sign up either. This is a truly open event and it’s up to you to shape the agenda, talk, share, and learn according to what’s important to you.

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