CTC 2005: Content Management and Collaboration

In this session at CTC 2005 today, Chris Cummings (Interwoven), Kevin O’Connor (EMC/Documentum), Mark Fredrickson (NextPage), Mark Levitt (IDC), Jared Spataro (OpenText) and Darrin Wood (Vignette) talked about content management and collaboration (check the wiki for more info). Stowe Boyd sums it up.

Interesting, how big a strategic role email plays still. I don’t agree with the notion that “email has simply won.” Who would argue the fact that email has some pretty big downsides to it. There just don’t seem to be any real alternatives available today that actually work (i.e. that offer a better overall user experience at a lower cost). People will probably continue to use email until that day when - eventually - more effective tools/processes have been invented.

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