Got Presence?

First time in a long time that Wikipedia doesn’t seem to have anything on a topic I’m researching: presence. Presence, as I understand it, has to do with the ability to letting each other know on an individual/personalized basis where you are, whether or not you’re available, how you can be reached, and what mode of communication you’d prefer - all that, of course, no matter whether you’re at the office or out in the field (or at home, for that matter) and whether you’re sitting at a desktop or using your smart phone/PDA.

So, for instance, I’m in a meeting with a client and do not want to take phone calls, but I indicate that IM or email is fine. Unless you belong to my group of important people who I have decided may reach me 24/7 anytime, in which case I might even encourage you to call me. Something like that …

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