Web Monday Silicon Valley, August 14

Since feedback has been very positive, we’re trying to throw another Web Monday Silicon Valley. A date has been set for August 14, the exact location has yet to be determined (probably Palo Alto or San Francisco or somewhere in between). If you have a venue that can fit 20-30 people and has wi-fi please let me know.

As a quick reminder, here’s what Web Monday is all about and why it might be interesting for you:

Web Monday is an informal gathering (in and around Germany) aimed at bringing together developers, designers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, researchers, web pioneers, inventors, bloggers, podcasters, end users and other folks interested in web 2.0 (in the broadest sense). The goal is to better connect the German web 2.0 scene as well as improve transatlantic idea exchange between Germany and the US (and – hopefully – help bring some of those good Silicon Valley vibes to Germany).

Since its inception in November 2005, Web Monday has spread fast: meetings are now being held in a number of German cities on a regular basis (among them 7 of the nation’s top 10 biggest) and have attracted several hundred repeat participants so far.

Anyone involved in web 2.0 or neighboring fields who has an interest in German-US business (or any kind of “bridging” between the two, for that matter) is most welcome to join. Whether you are from Germany and live and work here in Silicon Valley (and want to help spread the love), or whether you are from Silicon Valley and have ties to Germany – Web Monday Silicon Valley is your chance to present your product, your service, your startup, your cool new project or your next big idea to a growing audience of German web aficionados.

It’s also worth noting that while there is certainly a good deal of focus on Germany, we are very open to our neighbors in (or from) Switzerland, the Netherlands, Poland, France, Austria etc. I am convinced that there is a lot we can all learn from each other when it comes to importing innovation best-practices to our respective home countries.

Please sign up on the wiki. You can also share the event with your friends on Upcoming.

3 Responses to “Web Monday Silicon Valley, August 14”

  1. Cedric Says:

    it is very funny because last week I thought about launching like a “Webmontag” in Toulouse when I come back in september…
    I will see what I can do. I contact you ig I am decided to launch really something.

  2. Tim Says:

    Lundi Web? Lundi Toile? Lundi en ligne? Sounds like a plan. Feel free to use the Web Monday wiki (or start your own and make sure we can find you guys). There’s also Barcamp Paris and Winecamp France coming your way. Check it out!

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