Identity is hot

Two events worth mentioning:

The other day, I heard Johannes Ernst give an interesting presentation at SDForum’s Collaboration SIG meeting on Why User-Centric Digital Identity Matters. I had first met him last July in San Francisco at Planetwork’s July meeting where he talked about Light-Weight Identity (LID). This time around, however, it seems like there is more behind the story, and the whole identity business is really picking up steam. See his blog post and slides (PPT gZipped).

So now I regret I wasn’t able to go to last week’s Identity Open Space Vancouver; however, Identity Open Space Santa Clara is coming up in September.

Last night, I was at SF Web Innovators’ Network 1.8 in San Francisco (hosted by Atlassian at their beautiful SF office) . Met a whole lot of people (old and new). And Marc Canter gave a quick demo of his new PeopleAggregator service, which is promoting open standards in the fields of attention, tagging and digital identity.

PeopleAggregator may not look very pretty at the moment (compared to other web 2.0 sites out there) but the concept behind it strikes me as quite powerful. I signed up and will definitely give it a try.

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