Dipping my toes into social bookmarking

Some pretty cool stuff here at CTC 2005 in NYC. Just saw a presentation by Joshua Schacter of del.icio.us. Finally got around to signing up and bookmarked my first link, Introducing the AO/Technorati Open Media 100. While I chose to put it in the “people” categorie (for now, at least), other people are using the following tags: media, blogs, blog, technorati, web2.0, toolsmiths, opensource, web, rolandtanglao, blogging, tech, trendsetters, people, enablers, practitioners, culture, pioneers, bryght, drupal.

Are there tag mechanisms in place yet that help evaluate the quality of the content? As in, show me all web resources on topic X that score “very good” or “excellent” with, say, topic experts A, B, and C …

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