2006 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation

I’ll be attending the 2006 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation in San Francisco, August 3-6.

Goals for the 2006 NCDD Conference

Build community & foster renewal among dialogue & deliberation practitioners, scholars, & activists.
NCDD conferences are designed to unite and strengthen the dialogue & deliberation community by providing a space for renewal, reflection and connection. Our primary goal is to provide opportunities for conference participants to engage with one another about their work, their struggles, their innovations and their vision, so they may leave the conference with new, collaborative relationships and a renewed sense of inspiration.

Provide opportunities for individual and collective learning and skill-building
It is our hope that the 2006 NCDD conference will empower conference participants to employ dialogue and deliberation models & practices more effectively, and to equip them with tools to share these skills with others. We intend to create a space where collective knowledge can be built about the power and challenges of applying D&D to foster participatory democracy, conflict resolution, learning and collective action.

Address key issues facing the field
Although we are a young community of practice, we face some common challenges that can only be addressed if we work together. We aim to make the most of our time together by addressing some of the issues that hinder our potential as a field, a movement and/or a community of practice. Issues such as the accessibility of dialogue & deliberation—whether some of our own practices & beliefs are preventing us from being inclusive, accessible and effective—and issues such as the need to demonstrate & evaluate the impact of our work so that when it’s not up to us, we may be given the chance to make a difference.

Chris will run a one-day BrainJam. He writes about it here: NCDD Pre Conference Planning Report.

I will attend the pre-conference session on Taking Dialogue & Deliberation to Scale, hosted by AmericaSpeaks, which I first learned about in 2000 at the National Civic League’s 106th National Conference on Governance in Washington D.C. titled “Wired for Civic Engagement: Using New Technology to Build Community” (press release still available on npadvisor.com).

I look forward to hearing what Todd has to say about Community Engagement and Online Deliberation (scroll down) where he’ll probably talk about Deme. Hopefully, other attendees of last year’s ODDC face-to-face meeting in Minneapolis will attend as well.

The conference workshops look interesting. My goal is to learn as much as possible about ways to “bubble up the good stuff” in large-scale citizen engagement environments. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of food for thought, which I plan to apply towards Startupgermany, a citizen think tank (at least that’s one of the longer-term ideas) about the future made in Germany (not much there to see yet besides the blog).

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  1. Katie Howard Says:

    Hi Tim:

    I’m so glad you will be joining us at the NCDD Conference and for the BrainJam. If you haven’t visited the website lately, you can check out our new conference blog and the conference guidebook with details on all of the workshop sessions.

    See you next week!

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