Survey: Wikis in Enterprises

Tim Bartel of Wikipedistik would like you to participate in his survey: Wikis in Enterprises

The survey is part of the study “Wikis in Enterprises” by the Department of Personnel Economics and Human Resource Management of the University of Cologne. I’m writing my diploma thesis about this subject.

The survey adresses enterprises of any size and also enterprises not using a wiki. It is held short on purpose and answering it will take only 5-10 minutes at most.

Click here to go directly to the survey Wikis in Enterprises.

5 Responses to “Survey: Wikis in Enterprises”

  1. Atlassian News Says:

    Grad Student Needs Participants

    This blog caught my eye: Survey: Wikis in Enterprises. If you’re a Confluence user and have a few minutes to help with Tim’s studies, head on over to his blog. I personally don’t know Tim or anything about his work…

  2. Jon Silvers Says:

    Hope you don’t mind, I reposted your blog on our site:

  3. Tim Says:

    Don’t mind at all.

  4. Thomas Blood Says:

    Glad someone is conducting this kind of research.

  5. Wikipedistik Says:

    “Wikis in Enterprises” - Finish of the international survey

    Number of survey participants (click image)
    In June I started an English version of my online survey about the use of Wikis in Enterprises. Until now 212 people participated in the German survey, and 69 people took the English survey (of this 69 partic…

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