Anderson Copper's 2006 Class Day Address at Yale

Anderson Cooper (CNN) addressed the class of 2006 at Yale on Sunday, May 21:

My friends from Yale who are happiest are the ones who thought less of where they’d be in 10 years and what steps they’d have to do now in order to make partner 10 years from now in a law firm or build their 401K. My friends who are happiest now are the ones who kept taking steps based on what they felt right and what felt like them at the moment. If I had gotten that job on the set of ABC News there’s no telling where I’d be now.

When I started going to wars I had no clear goal in mind. There was no path that promised me success or job security. But I was listening really to myself and followed my passion, and I’m more convinced than ever that if you do that, you will be successful. I’m not talking about rich — perhaps you will be — but you’ll be fulfilled, and that’s the greatest success you can have.

Read the transcript here.

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