I caught this nice little piece of conversation between Mike Arrington and Gil Penchina where they talk about Flock (towards the end of the latest edition of Talkcrunch: Episode 8 - Gil Penchina On Leaving eBay for Wikia, starts at 24:00 minutes)

Gil: In terms of a smaller company that I’m pretty passionate about I have to say Flock ranks up there as probably my favorite early-stage company. Bart, who is the CEO, was at Mozilla and was, you know, looking around going “Boy, here’s a foundation that’s doing something really amazing but all these companies keep coming and trying to partner with us and they can’t because we’re a foundation. So, I’m gonna go off and build a commercial open-source browser and be more partner-centric,” and Flock has built an incredible product and they’re actually, you know, beta testing, you know, the next version right now. So, you know, Flock has built a great browser, they have created quite a following, they’re very partner-centric and have been partnering with a number of people. And, you know, my map is that the browser business needs… to be successful in that business you need a 4-5 percent share. And that on a 5 percent share of the browser business Flock can go public. So yeah, I’m pretty bullish on a company that has to lose to be able to go public.

Mike: So I’m running the current version of Flock on my Mac, and it’s amazing. I mean, it’s absolutely wonderful. It’s a completely different product than it was in the fall…

Gil: Oh yeah.

Mike: … when I liked it as well. But, you know, the ability to interact with Flickr and with del.icio.us… and I haven’t even used the blogging part of it [...] but the rest, just an absolute pleasure to use and I can’t wait for them to launch and I think they are going to do it in a week or two.

Gil: Yep, yeah, it should be, they were, you know… should be any day now — so you have the new version that has the picture integration and all that?

Mike: Yeah.

Gil: Yeah, it’s really cool.

Mike: It’s really cool, yep. So… I’m looking forward to that launching.

Gil: I’m very bullish on this one…

It’s even more cool when you listen to it. To me, there is so much Silicon Valley in that little piece of chat I don’t even know where to start.

Anyway, my point is: I’m back to Playing with Flock.

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