A year ago, I finally got around to start blogging. It’s been a rewarding experience. Interestingly enough, most of my postings this past year have been on Germany (at least according to my own folksonomy). Seems like I’m still somewhat attached. So it’s only natural for me to start a new blog, focusing entirely on this particular country: Startupgermany (in German)

Startupgermany will focus on the future made in Germany as well as the web-based tools we can use to harness citizen wisdom.

I believe there is great potential in the internet as a way to leverage citizen input that has yet to be fully discovered. I’m also an optimist and believe that the problems we’re facing can actually be solved. At least I haven’t been convinced otherwise.

So watch out for some knowledge-sharing, problem-solving, consensus-building stuff over there.

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  1. Lars Plougmann Says:

    Done, subscribed to your new feed and looking fwd to further insights into Germany (and potentially refreshing my German language reading skills).

  2. Planblog » Blog Archive » Say farewell to the Startupgermany blog Says:

    [...] Startupgermany has been a blog experiment I started almost a year ago. I wanted to dig into some of the issues and challenges related to “the future made in Germany” (e.g. education, economic growth, unemployment, social security, demographic changes, immigration, innovation, our place in Europe etc.), and how we Germans, as a society, manage to address them (or not, depending on how pessimistic you are): [...]

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