DCamp follow-up

DCamp was great fun. Thanks to the organizers and everybody else who made it happen!

These are the four workshops/sessions I attended:

I only got to take a brief glimpse at Tag Camp last year so DCamp has been my first full un-conference (though I had to take off early on Saturday). Even though I had read a lot of good things about Barcamp and the likes I’m still amazed at how well this concept actually works. Un-conferencing, therefore, has instantly made my list of ideas that are “to be transferred to Germany.”

By the way, transatlantic connector and Germany 2.0 were the verbal tags I used to describe myself during introductions. Started some good conversations.

See what it all looked like on Flickr (fast approaching the 1,000 image mark). Some sessions were recorded and links to podcasts can be found on the wiki. Or follow the conversation on Technorati and del.icio.us.

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