The high cost of cheap gas

It’s that time of year again when people are complaining about high prices at the pump. Politicians on both sides of the aisle are even calling for the president to intervene and keep oil companies from price-gouging. The blame-game is on.

That’s all silly, of course. World demand has gone up over the past few decades and is expected to increase even further in the years to come. China and India, anyone? World supply simply hasn’t kept up. Yes, yes, there’s regulatory issues here in the US that make things worse, and taxes, and the refineries pose a bottleneck that’s a real drag, and if we were only allowed to drill in Alaska that would certainly add a few gallons to the bucket.

But the bottom line is: We need to change our ways. We need to conserve. We need to stop burn fossil fuels. We need to kick our oil habit. We must develop the alternatives now and make the switch to regenerative sources of energy.

And don’t anyone tell me it can’t be done. It has already been done, just not on a larger scale. The sooner we get started, the better. I still want that car.

Our use of and our dependency on oil clearly has had some very negative side effects (environmental and political). Making the switch will spur innovation. And maybe in the end we can tell our kids some day we did good. Or at least we tried.

(Apparently, I can’t claim to have come up with the title of this post: Google)

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