Qype beta

Qype, a Hamburg, Germany-based startup, launched their beta phase a few days ago. Qype offers a community-based approach to local search and is currently available in German only.

I got in at number 296 and was handed a pretty good first impression.

Sign-up was easy. I was instantly able to leave a recommendation for two of my favorite places in Cologne, Germany (one is a movie theater that shows original language versions, the other is an outstanding Arabic food joint). The system had both places/businesses already listed with their name and address. All I had to do was to simply rate them on a scale from one to five, add a few tags and leave a brief description/comment. I then browsed the member directory and connected with a few people I know. Searching via tags already seems to deliver meaningful results (e.g. restaurant tips). Finally, I updated my profile. My activities today have earned me my first four points on Qype. I now rank at number 78 out of… 297 (someone else must have joined just now).

Judging from the majority of tags that have been collected so far, food is on people’s minds these days (as seen by these tags for the city of Cologne, Germany):

1.FC Aachner Antipasti arabisch asiatisch Bar Braunsfeld Brunch bude Bücher Burger Busienss business Cafe Chianti Comics Currywurst dem Design Designhotel Dinner ehrenfeld Einkaufen Essen Event falafel FC film Fisch Fisch- Fleischgerichte foto Fotofachgeschäft Fotografie Fotos frikadellen frühstück garni gemütlich gute Handel Hip Hotel Imbiss Italiener italienisch italienisches Japan japanisch Kaffee kaufen Kino Kneipe köln Köln-Braunsfeld Kölsch Kuchen Küche kwartier latäng lecker lichtspielhaus Limone Live Lunch Maarweg maki mittagessen Mittagsküche momotaro Musik nach Nudeln OmU originalversion OV party pizza Pommes premium programmkino Projekte Relaxen Restaurant retro romantisch sake Sandwiches schaschlik Schnitzel shawarma spagetti Spezilaitäten Sports strasse Südländische Superhelden surimi sushi szene tempura Tiramisu trinken Übernachtung und US-Comics venloer Webdesign Wein Weine wiener wifi wlan Zentral

The Qype team is doing a very good job telling their story via their blog. Looks like these guys know what they’re doing. At least we know they have the ability to listen to good advice.

Some further comments over at Christian’s blog: Qype - Another Contender in the Local Review Market.

Valerie has a few infos on funding: Qype and Wikio receive early stage attention.

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