Mabber has arrived:

About us

Instant Messaging is getting more and more popular. Most people have more than one account somewhere and experience the same problems all the time. There are different applications for instant messaging either at home and at school, in the office or at some internet-cafe. Something is always missing and somehow this is getting frustrating fast. That’s why we developed mabber.

We offer Instant Messaging based on the Jabber/XMPP standard, either web-based and as a mobile application. If you like, you can also download a third-party jabber-application and use our service that way. It doesn’t matter how and where you use the service, you can always talk to all your contacts any time. We use open standards and offer our customers the most possible flexibility.

mabber makes Instant Messaging even more simple and more useful. We developed a mobile application that lets you chat and send messages whereever you are. Required is a recent mobile phone equipped with Java and some sort of data-plan. We estimate that 1 kb of data allows for about 7 messages. That makes it less expensive than SMS.

mabber. everywhere. anytime.

I haven’t had the time today to fully explore it. However, I did manage to get it going really quick with two buddies in Germany who are on AOL. So something is working at least (they’re still in beta).

By the way, Mabber is web stuff made in Germany.

If you’re interested I have a few free passes to hand out.

30 Responses to “Mabber”

  1. Mink Says:

    I’d love to try this! Have you given away all of your tokens yet?

  2. Mate Says:

    i would love a free token please! haha

  3. Arthur Says:

    Hey, if you have any mabber tokens left please send one my way.

    Thank you,


  4. zen Says:

    Very interested… please may i have a token? _zen.

  5. Administrator Says:

    I have currently three more tokens left.

  6. nater Says:

    i’m very interested to try this out. may i have one of your remaining tokens please? thanks!

  7. Planblog » Blog Archive » Back in San José Says:

    [...] gone. For instance, the first German web app this year to score a review on Techcrunch is Mabber. Congrats! And Web Monday is continuing to spread in Germany in February with three well-attended [...]

  8. JK Says:

    Would love to try it out. Pls do send me any remaining coupon. A similar application IM+ doesn’t seem to be working on my phone.

  9. Administrator Says:

    Two left.

  10. joel Says:

    i would love a token if you still have any available.

    thanks in advance!

  11. Mike Says:

    May I have one?

  12. ajay Says:

    i would love a token if you still have any available

  13. Tyler Says:

    Me too por favor :)

  14. Travis Says:

    If you have any more I’d love one. I’m writing an article on Web 2.0 (if you’re thinking “that’s original”… well, yeah, but I’m doing it for local media) and my research has brought me to mabber, which I just have to try out :)

    panickedthumb at gmail dot com


  15. Administrator Says:

    I’m out of tokens at this point.

  16. marcus Says:

    i am looking to register with mabber but need 2 fings sum token thing n and invitation please email if possible

  17. gemma Says:

    what is a token and how do i get 1?
    pls let me no -

  18. Murtaza Says:

    Hi Any token for mabber available. Waiting for reply

  19. Ulises Says:

    Could someboady Please send me an invitation with the token please, i would like to use mabber but i don’t have the token or somebody to invite me, please i will be gratefull..please I need it my email is i promess that i will invite more people to use it it looks great

  20. Administrator Says:

    Sorry, guys, I don’t have any tokens left.

  21. Ulises Says:

    any body a nice person want to send the invitation for the mabber please :(

  22. Ulises Says:

    someby please invite me to use the mabber

  23. Ulises Says: my email

  24. pablo Says:

    please, send me a token. Thanks!!!!!!!!

  25. crosis Says:

    greetings, i am also hpoing for a kind soul to invite to mabber. many thanks if you can :}

  26. crosis Says:

    greetings, i am also hpoing for a kind soul to invite to mabber. many thanks if you can :}

    forgot to put email address before {} forgive the double post.

  27. Peter Says:

    If anyone would be kind enought to spear me a token please i have a w800i and thats the only way i can get aim on it … thanks =)

  28. Chris Says:

    Can someone pls send or give me a token for mabber,i really need one.

  29. Lucy Says:

    If anyone can please send me a token? :) please! Id really like to try out mabber…
    thnx in advance people ;)

  30. Dhurandhar Says:

    Hi, can I give the free token please? Thanks!