German elections: online campaigning outlook

Christoph Bieber of offers a sobering (to all the aspiring e-campaigners out there, at least) analysis on how online campaigning may not play a big role after all in the upcoming early elections in Germany: TV kills the Internet Star (in German).

Now, does that mean that once again we are “behind the times”? I prefer to think it’s simply because online political campaigning has yet to prove itself from an ROI perspective.

One Response to “German elections: online campaigning outlook”

  1. oliver Says:

    The statewide Social Democratic Party of Germany in Northrhine-Westfalia ran their first online fundraising campaign in the last 5 days of there election campaign in may 2005. The step proved to be right: The ROI was reached 48 hours after the campaign startet and the party now calls the technical infrastructure, the strategic knowledge and the skills to execute more fundraising effords their own.

    On step to prove online campaigning from an ROI perspective.