Riya launch party tomorrow night

I’ll be in Atherton, CA at the TechCrunch Residence/Office tomorrow night for the TechCrunch Meetup #4 - Riya Launch Party. Riya is a photo facial recognition startup (read the Techcrunch review to get an idea how it works). Rumor has it Riya might be in the process of being acquired by Google.

About Riya:

We want to begin a conversation with you about the next generation of photo search.

We started this company after realizing that we had 1000’s of digital photos on our computer all labeled DSC0009.jpg, that our friends just never remembered to send us the photos we wanted from them, and that searching for images on the web just doesn’t work very well.

We are a group of determined face recognition and text recognition researchers and engineers who believe it is time for a new type of photo search that uses technology to look inside and automatically tag photos. We hope this will revolutionize how people “see” the world.

This is a work in progress and we would love to have a conversation with you, our “charter” users on what you need. You can converse with us via email or via our blog. For over a year we have been talking in software code and building this service, now we want to listen, adapt, and improve.

- The Riya Team

About Techcrunch:

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200+ people have signed up. Should be fun.

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  1. Tim Says:

    Turns out, no deal yet — for now at least.

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