55 Ways To Have Fun With Google

Philipp Lenssen, whom I met at Web Monday last week, is writing a book on 55 Ways To Have Fun With Google:

So what are some ideas I already have in mind? Here’s a selection — if you’re a frequent reader, you might know some of these:

* AnyRank
* The Google Snake Game
* The Google Irritation Game
* Dave Gorman
* Can You Find The Google Search Returning the Most Pages?
* The Disappearing Google Logo Trick
* Interviews, Cartoons
* Google Knows Celebrities
* Strange Spelling Corrections
* Google Orthography
* The Google Superhero Costume Parade
* The Best Google News Blunders
* and many more…

He explains his motivation for writing a book on Google:

What’s Google to me to write a book on it? Not a company (that book has been written, by the way). A metaphor, if you want, an approach — to tap the global brain. The book could therefore be called “55 Ways To Have Fun With The Global Brain, And Make It Talk To You” but that just doesn’t sound as catchy. But I do believe that whenever we type something into Google, we’re interacting with all the people in the world.

Bound to be good.

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    [...] Philipp Lenssen of Google Blogoscoped. He did a nice follow-up interview with Siggi Becker, another Web Monday attendee. Philipp seems to have quite a few interesting things going on aside from his excellent blog (e.g. a new book as well as an engagement over at Performancing). Check out A Talk to Google’s Larry Page in 2038, or 15 Search Predictions for 2006. [...]